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Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept:

cash, checks/ACH or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card there will be a 3% transaction fee.

I submitted a contact form. Now what?

After submitting the contact form, you can expect to receive an initial response from us through an email sent from Please be sure to check your email inbox, and in case you don't find it there, also check your junk folder to ensure that you don't miss any important communication from us. Thank you for reaching out, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

What experience do you have with similar projects?

Mike and Tacy boast a wealth of experience in the home improvement industry, with over 30 years of experience. Over the years, they have successfully undertaken numerous projects, honing their skills and knowledge. Today, our team has expanded to include dedicated professionals, ensuring that we bring collective expertise to every project. Rest assured, your home improvement venture is in capable hands with our seasoned team, committed to making your vision a reality.

Approximately how long will my project take?

The duration of a project can vary significantly based on various factors such as the complexity of the project, its scope, available resources, and the speed at which tasks are completed. It's essential to provide more specific details about your project to offer a more accurate estimate.

After you can share additional information about the project, such as its goals and any specific deadlines, we can provide a more tailored answer.

Why should I choose Kellco Group for my project?

When you choose Kellco Group for your project, you're opting for a team that's all about making things happen. We've got the experience, skills, and dedication to ensure your project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our track record speaks for itself – we've successfully tackled a variety of projects across different industries. We believe in clear communication, keeping things straightforward, and tailoring our solutions to fit your unique needs. You can count on us to bring your vision to life, on time and within budget. We're not just a business; we're your reliable partner in getting the job done right.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. Our company prioritizes safety and compliance, and we have obtained all the necessary licenses and insurance coverage to ensure the protection of our clients and our team. You can trust that we operate within the legal requirements and industry standards.

Will you obtain any necessary permits?

Yes, Kellco Group is committed to ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulations and local laws. Our dedicated team works diligently to obtain any necessary permits required for our projects.

Who will be on-site managing my project?

Meet the incredible team that will be on-site to manage your project! Count on our on-site project managers to be your partners, keeping communication open and transparent, so you can be involved every step of the way. Your project is in good hands with our team! Meet the team on our About page.

What is the best way to communicate with you when my project begins?

You can reach out to us via phone calls, text messages, and email. Additionally, we utilize a project management service called BuilderTrend, which allows us to log and track all steps of your project. This service provides a centralized platform for communication, enabling you to interact with us, view project updates, and share information conveniently. Whether through traditional communication methods or BuilderTrend, we are committed to maintaining open lines of communication to meet your project needs effectively.

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